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GA GOP Blasts Obama Health Plan
Thursday, 23 July 2009

July 23-- (Editor's Note:  This news release is from a political party and is provided in that context.)

Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue P. Everhart issued the following statement today on President Obama’s new health care experiment: 

“President Obama is conducting expensive experiments with our tax dollars and our economy. Now he’s demanding a $1 trillion experiment on our health care.  When the President himself admits that “the biggest driving force behind our federal deficit” are the two current government health care programs, Medicare and Medicaid, a complete government takeover of our health care system is not the right plan for reform. Further, the president has promised increased regulation of private health insurance companies, which will force private insurers to raise prices, putting an unfair burden on lower- and middle-income Americans.   

In reality, this is a massive liberal entitlement program designed to control the public, manipulate the vote through scare tactics, and replace private industry with a government controlled bureaucracy.  The non-partisan Lewin Group estimated that 119 million Americans would be driven from their private insurance to the “government option.”  That is nearly half the amount of Americans with health insurance.  This is no plan to help the uninsured.  This is a takeover - of personal freedom and private industry.

Make no mistake about it; the Democrats’ health care experiment is a dangerous, tax-fueled government takeover of your freedom that will put bureaucrats in Washington in charge of the treatment you receive.  This reckless gamble is a risk that the people of Georgia cannot afford for Congress to get wrong.

We need health care reform that leaves medical decisions between a patient and a doctor.  We need reform that promotes responsible health choices by individuals and transparency in the market. We need reform that improves access while maintaining America’s superior quality of treatment.  This is a critical moment for our country and I call on the citizens of Georgia to call Congress and tell them President Obama’s health care experiment is a dangerous and expensive overreach of government power.”

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