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Test Scores and Graduation Rates Hurt Local School Systems
Monday, 27 July 2009
July 27-- Two county school systems in the area failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) this year.

Toombs County and Treutlen County Schools both had one school fall below AYP standards.

In Treutlen County, the Middle and High School did not reach AYP status because of its graduation rate. Superintendent of Treutlen County Schools, Chuck Ellington, says new strategies will be used in the 2009-2010 school year to increase the number of students graduating.

"We're very pleased that Treutlen Elementary School was successful in meeting all of the AYP requirements for 2009. I believe this is the 8th consecutive year that they have been recognized as a distinguished Title I school. Treutlen Middle/High School was not successful in the meeting AYP requirements this year, primarily because we continue to struggle with our graduation rate. As you know, this is a state-wide problem, and in order to address our AYP standing for fiscal year of 2010, we will be ramping up the efforts of our graduation coach and support team for all of our high school students, as well as providing additional professional development to all of our teachers to help enhance their instructional strategy," says Ellington.

Toombs County Upper Elementary School did not make AYP status because of math test scores. But Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Cheryl Metzler, says the status of the Upper Elementary School will hopefully be changed in the fall after the state includes Summer re-testing results in math.

"Lyons Primary School, Toombs Central, Toombs County Middle School and Toombs County High School made AYP. Currently, Lyons Upper Elementary School has not made AYP for students with disabilities in mathematics. When the state includes our summer CRCT re-test results and our AYP calculations in late September, we anticipate based on our calculations, that Lyons Upper
Elementary School will make AYP. So we are looking forward to those test results being dropped in late September and the AYP status being champed on Lyons Upper Elementary School," explains Metzler.

Metzler also explains that the Toombs County School System will continue to take strides to maintain AYP status, including a new summer school program.

"Of course, excellent teaching in the classroom is our first and foremost line of continuing to make AYP. We have teachers committed to teaching GPS, Georgia Performance Standards. And we have instructional coaches in our school system. We feel like they are in inherent part of our system making AYP and our schools and students achieving as well as they do. We offer some remediation for students both during the school day and after school. This year we did provide summer school for our students who needed it. A lot of school systems were not able to do that, so we felt that we were very fortunate in that we were able to offer summer school," says Metzler.
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