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After the "Tea Party"
Wednesday, 08 July 2009

July 8-- People all over the country are attending "Taxed Enough Already" TEA Parties to vent their frustration with the direction of the country.  However, many don't know what to do after the party to channel their concerns into action.


Kay Godwin Speaks to Vidalia TEA Party

In South Georgia, two conservative moms from Baxley, Pat Tippett and Kay Godwin, have formed "Georgia Conservatives in Action" to help regular working people make a difference.

Pat says, "I see this as a great movement for people just like us getting on board and trying to make a difference."

And Kay says if she can do it, anybody can.  "When I first started I shook so bad that the first legislator I met actually took my hand to keep me calm.  I have learned that if you will just be available to God, for him to use you, he is just as interested in all of the things that involve us as families.  He's the one who made the family, initiated government and made us responsible for holding them acountable," she says.

Tippett says they are available for hands-on training.  "We would love to come and train people where to go from here.  We're doing house TEA Parties, we'd love to come and meet with your church, any organization or group.  That's what were here for, to teach people what to do after the TEA Party," she says.

Their website is www.georgiaconservativesinaction.com.

Hear Pat and Kay Here.


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