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Tax Assessments Coming Soon
Thursday, 25 June 2009
June 25-- Tax assessments for Toombs County will be a little late this year due to new legislation passed at this year's Georgia General Assembly.

House Bill 233 has frozen values of property based on the 2008 tax year. But Toombs County Tax Assessor, Willie Haynes, says there are certain exemptions that would allow the value to increase.

"The only way your value can be increased is if you had an addition or you built a new building, or something that the Tax Assessors Office has not picked up," explains Haynes.

New software is needed to revaluate the tax assessments under the new law. The software updates have not been delivered from the State Revenue Office, so this has caused the delay in mailing out the assessments.

The new assessments will not have to be re-calculated, but all assessments must go through the new computer system in order to abide by House Bill 233.

"We're really not having to recomputed anything. We don't have the software update yet. The assessment notices are late because we are waiting for the Department of Revenue to give us the software update to accommodate House Bill 233.

Haynes wants to assure tax payers that although the Tax Assessors Office is currently playing a 'waiting game,' tax assessments will be sent at the end of July, and tax payers will still receive the original 45 days to appeal their assessment.

"Normally, the assessment notice would have been sent to the property owner by now. But because of House Bill 233, but because of House Bill 233, it means everything will be late, but we will get them out. We except to have the software in our office somewhere around July 12, and if it delivers on time, it should take about three weeks to get it [the assessments] out.

Although Haynes has not yet received the report for the county tax digest, he expects the amount to be smaller than the previous tax year.
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