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Montgomery Co Will Maintain Partnership with Toombs County in Ambulance Service
Monday, 08 June 2009

June 9--  Montgomery County Commissioners are renewing their ambulance service contract with Toombs County.  After a meeting Tuesday morning with Toombs County officials, commissioner Franklin Brantley reports Montgomery is entering into an 18-month agreement for ambulance service with Toombs County.

Previously the commission had considered an one-year, $144,000 contract offer from SouthStar Ambulance Service of Augusta.  The contract with Toombs County is $180,000 a year but offers a para-medic capability.  A similar contract with SouthStar would have cost $240,000 according to its owner, Jim Adkins. (See Letter Below)

An apology is made to Montgomery County Commissioners for our erroneous report regarding a violation of Georgia's Open Meetings Law.  Turns out the meeting in question Monday night was not about the ambulance service contract and miscommunication with the county manager sparked the incorrect report.

County manager David Curry reports Montgomery County's financial status is in generally good condition as it approaches mid-year.  He cautioned, however, that the county's budget for housing inmates in Irwin County may be exceeded by nearly $200,000 by the end of the year.

At the same time, Development Authority Director Joe Filippone says he is optimistic some positive developments will be forthcoming on plans to build a privately owned and operated jail in Mount Vernon.  He is also optimistic about plans to build a new supermarket north of the courthouse in the city.

Citizen Jody Wilkes confirmed with the commission that the sales tax referendum approved by voters last July included distribution of $1.3 million dollars over a six-year period to the city of Mount Vernon.  Wilkes says none of the revenue has yet been spent by the city fathers to improve recreational facilities in Mount Vernon as promised before the referendum.

In other actions, the commission appointed Marvin Fountain and Geraldine Meade to the regional advisory committee on aging and named John Roller, Charlie Williams and Franklin Brantley to the regional development commission. The commission is also seeking a nominee to replace Willie Frank Lee on the county Board of Assessors.

(The following letter from Jim Adkins of SouthStar Ambulance Service is provided as clarification regarding his offer of contract services to Montgomery County.  At its meeting Monday, the county commission did not refer to the $240,000 offer which includes paramedic service.)

SouthStar Ambulance Service was requested by Montgomery County Commissioners to bid on operating the Emergency Medical Service for their County.  They wanted to reduce response times for Montgomery County by keeping a dedicated ambulance in Montgomery County more often instead of being in Vidalia.

SouthStar after discussion with the Board provided two bids for Montgomery County, one at the Intermediate ALS level and one at the Paramedic ACLS level.  The reference to the bid amounts indicates the reporter failed to understand the bids. 

The correction is SouthStar Ambulance Service is equal to Toombs-Montgomery EMS as a Paramedic provider, additionally we carry patient ventilators and 12 lead EKG defibrillators.  SouthStar has offered to help Toombs-Montgomery EMS with routine and out of county transports as well as for emergencies. 

Our non-taxpayer supported bid was higher than from Toombs, but our offer for professional Paramedic Level service was in no way less skilled or capable than what is provided by Toombs-Montgomery EMS. 

SouthStar applauds the competitive bid process and again offers to Toombs-Montgomery EMS our service for back-up 911, local and long distant transports, so that the taxpayer funded EMS can remain within the county and  citizens can receive quicker response instead of calling ambulances other counties (20+miles)  when we are right here at 303 Mosley Street.




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