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Handel Promises to Fight Obama DOJ
Friday, 05 June 2009

June 8--  Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel believes the Obama Administration is trying to make it possible for illegal aliens to vote in Georgia elections.

"Right now I have over 2,000 voters who have registered to vote for whom there are questions about their citizenship, and I have another 30-plus cases under investigation of individuals who registered to vote and attempted to vote who are likely non-citizens," she reports.

Last week the Department of Justice ordered Georgia to stop verifying that voters are U.S.citizens.

"It has all the appearances of politics over good policy and I will sort through our options and pursue every option available to me to insure Georgia is able to continue this verification process just like every other state in the country has a verification process along these lines so that we can insure the integrity of our elections," Handel says.

According to the Secretary of State, there are three options.  The first is to go along with the Department of Justice which she says she will not do, ask Washington to reconsider its order, or go to federal court seeking a reversal of the DOJ position.

"We're having our lawyers sort through what is the next best step to insure we can do what we need to do to have the highest degree of integrity for our elections in Georgia," she said.  A decision could come as early as next week.

Handel says the Obama administration is siding with the American Civil Liberties Union and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund in its direction.  She also believes it opens the door for groups like ACORN to abuse the voter registration system.  And she's says it's happened before.  "Back in the mid-nineties, either a federal court or the Supreme Court reprimanded the Department of Justice for taking too much of a lead and orders from the ACLU," she remembers.

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