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Citizen's Arrest in Montgomery Co
Thursday, 04 June 2009

June 4--  Two Montgomery County men tangled with the wrong lady during a drinking spree Tuesday night.

Sheriff Clarence Sanders says Garrerd Fields and Charles Grimes, Jr. wrecked their four-wheeler near the home of county coroner Joe Strickland and his wife, Sharon.

It was after midnight when Grimes knocked on their door.  "Somebody went to beating on the door and Joe went to the door.  I thought, well this could be bad or there's been a bad wreck somewhere.  I took the gun from the side of the table and I went behind Joe, and Joe opened the door," Sharon says.

"There was this guy who was really drunk or drugged or something and he said, 'I wanna use your phone.' I pointed my gun at him and said, 'Do you really want to come in my house and use the phone?,' and he started running off the porch and went off through one of my flower beds," she reports.

Sheriff Sanders says the two went across the road to the home of James Fowler and stole his truck.  They later wrecked the truck after mowing down a fence line, but there's more.

The next morning Sharon was out mowing her yard when she sees the two men from the night before approaching on a riding lawnmower.  The sheriff thinks they came back looking for the wrecked four-wheeler.  

Instead, they found Sharon Strickland and her .38.  "We were right in front of James Fowler's house and I said, 'You get over here you're gonna walk across this road,'" she said.

"They realized they were at the house where they stole the truck and turned around and were trying to decide if they could take that .38 away from me, and I told them, 'Don't even think about it, if you do, you're in a lot of trouble,'" Sharon said.

She marched them up to Fowler's door.  When he came out, he held a gun on the two while Sharon called the Sheriff.

Fields and Grimes were taken to the Irwin County Jail in Ocilla on various charges including theft, damage to property and trespassing. 

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