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Entrepreneur Advice "Find A Niche"
Thursday, 28 May 2009

May 28--  In today's economy, entrepreneurs are still the engine which provides most of the jobs in the country.

Image"Ninety-nine percent of all business activity is driven by small business and that alone makes it incredibly powerful.  Fifty-four percent of all income taxes are paid by entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are the ones providing the jobs and the innovation.  They are the ones who take the risk and are the backbone of this society," says Christopher Hanks, an entrepreneur himself who also teaches how to succeed at the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.

He was in Vidalia Thursday at an entrepreneur seminar conducted by the Southeastern Tech Economic Development Center.

According to Hanks, an entrepreneur needs to find a niche and do it better than anybody else.  We try to reasonate so powerfully with a select group of people.  Pick one or two things you can do better than anybody else and find the group of people who appreciate that and who will pay your margin because it's that important to them," he advises.

Hanks has created and run companies ranging from housepainting to exporting and loves the challenge of being one's own boss.

"I'm a huge fan of entrepeneurship.  The idea that someone can really be the author of their own destiny.  Take a blank sheet of paper and write whatever they want.  I can choose what I want to do and that is a huge, huge gift and a blessing," he says.

Christopher Hanks Talks About Entrepreneurship Here.


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