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Republicans to Meet in Savannah
Saturday, 09 May 2009

May 11--  Georgia Republicans gather in Savannah this weekend for their state convention.  Among the speakers is the President Pro Tem of the Georgia Senate, Senator Tommie Williams of Lyons.

In his opinion, unlike the national Republican Party, Georgia Republicans are organized and in good shape for next year's statewide races.

"My opinion is Georgia is one of the strongest Republican states in the nation right now.  We control both houses by pretty good majorities, we have a strong governor and lieutenant-governor, and we have good candidates running up and down the ticket.  I think we're in good shape, we've passed a lot of good, conservative legislation, and I feel good about it in Georgia," he said.

On the national level, Senator Williams feels it time to clean house in Congress. "When they all look alike and act alike and are spending money likes there's no tomorrow, then they just need to be voted out," he believes.

The Senator is hopeful the April 15th demonstrations about spending will awaken America's middle class.  "It is ridiculous.  We're going to have to vote some people out of Congress, frankly, to get some changes.  I'm real excited about the Tea Parties and the awakening around the country.  You can spend $6 trillion and it not have to be paid back.  When you pour that much money into the economy, you create inflation and higher interest rates, there's just no way around it," he said.

Senator Williams is completing his sixth term in the Georgia Senate, but says he has no aspirations to run for statewide office.  As President Pro Tem, he points out, he's in a position to influence state policy without having to run for a higher office.

Hear Senator Williams, Click Here.

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