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Gubernatorial Candidate Supports Local Sales Tax Collection
Thursday, 09 April 2009

April 10--  State Representative Dubose Porter of Dublin is running for Governor next year and believes he has a way to almost immediately add $1 billion to the state treasury.

"We need to change the collection of sales tax to what is called "point of sale" or collecting at the local level," Porter says.  He says the Department of Revenue estimates there is over $1 billion in uncollected sales tax.  They either need more auditors or you need to move collection to the local level," he contends.

According to Representative Porter, Alabama moved to such a system and collected over $1 billion in uncollected sales tax revenue.  "We could do the same thing in Georgia and, had we done that, we would not have had to made the cuts we had to make this year," he said.

"When you put it at the local level, you make it more efficient, it's collected quicker, and then you send the state its part.  What is now being done, it's sent to Atlanta and there's lag time on getting it back to your local governments and school boards," Porter reports.  He's convinced local governments can do a better job of keeping up with what local businesses are and are not paying sales tax in a timely manner.

Porter has been in the state legislature for 27 years and is now the Democrats' House Minority Leader.  He's a lawyer and is also editor of the Dublin newspaper.  

He claims his frustration with the just-ended session of the legislature convinced him to run for Governor.  "We did nothing in transportation, we cut education again, and we neglected public health in our area of the state particularly.   Are we going to move Georgia forward or move back?  I just I can represent the rural areas and understand the urban issues and bring our state together," he says.

Two other Democrats have declared their intentions to run in next Summer's Democratic Primary.  They are Attorney General Thurbert Baker and former Secretary of State David Poythres.


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