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Vidalia Lawmaker Happy With State Budget
Wednesday, 08 April 2009

April 8--  Unlike federal lawmakers who can't balance the federal budget, Georgia legislators have a constitutional requirement to balance the state budget each year when they convene in Atlanta.

Faced with dwindling revenues and a sluggish economy, State Representative Greg Morris of Vidalia is proud of the budget lawmakers passed last week.  

Image"I would say it's about the best budget I've ever voted on, and that may come as a surprise to some people, but we basically cut $4 billion out of two budgets.  It's the right thing to do because the government should have to do what Georgia families are doing and that is adjust to the revenue we're getting in," Morris said.  

Representative Morris believes the cuts reveal that the state has been spending more than it needed to in the past.  "I think this can be a victory for the future.  If we can make these cuts in the hard times, then I think if more revenue starts coming in, we should be able to give it back to the taxpayers in the form of tax cuts," he notes.

Morris believes sales taxes are the fairest way to raise government money.  "I have always advocated for property tax reform.  We did pass House Bill 233 which puts a moratorium on increases in assessments for two years, but that's just a short term answer," he observes. 

The Vidalia lawmaker also warns the Governor may have to call a special session of the General Assembly this Summer if state revenues continue to decline prompting new cuts in state agencies.

Meanwhile, the state released March revenue figures Wednesday and things aren't any better.  March revenues this year are down 14.5 percent compared to March of last year.  So far this year, revenue collections are down 8 percent.

Click Here to Hear Representative Morris' Comments on the State Budget

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