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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Advertising at its Best!



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We are also pleased to be at the service of our community. Remember, we're YOUR community radio stations and we love to hear from our listeners.  If you have community information you'd like on the air, classified ad's, music requests, or anything, let's talk! Click Here and let us know what's on your mind!

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Vidalia Communications Corporation is proud to offer advertising opportunity on any of our three Award Winning Radio stations as well as online! WVOP, WTCQ and WYUM is "Radio You Can Rely On!" You'll hear the difference with ABC News and Sports, Paul Harvey News, Georgia News Network, Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Atlanta Falcons, NASCAR, The Atlanta Braves, topped off with Southeast Georgia's only Award-Winning Local News and Sports Coverage! 


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Our Radio Staions and Online Community Portal Get Results! We offer local, friendly  associates that will assist you in customized the perfect Radio Advertising Campaign to meet all your needs.

Feel free to email one of our Account Executives or give them a call at (912) 537-9202.

John Koon, Sales Manager 

Jeff Raiford, Account Executive


Joyce Foskey, Account Executive

Why Advertise on Radio?

  1) Recent trends show radio is rapidly becoming the advertising method of choice for thousands of businesses and web sites. Radio lets you focus your ad dollars on specific groups of customers. You can zero in on specific locations. Radio also offers lower prices than other broadcast and print media. Radio has long been one of the best advertising choices for small businesses. Almost everyone listens to radio, with more than 500 million radios in the US alone. On average, people say they listen to radio at least two hours per day every day.

  2) Radio's ability to go after a very specific kind of listener is its greatest strength. More mass appeal media--like a newspaper that goes out to virtually everyone in town--can't give you this tight targeting. With radio, you don't waste ad budget sending your message to thousands of people who aren't likely to be interested in what you offer

   3) Radio is intrusive - And in this case, that's not meant in a bad way.  You see, you want your advertising to "intrude" into peoples' lives to be noticed.  And based on its portability, Radio is very intrusive.  We can get your message to people wherever they are.  When they're in the car, the yard, the garage, the boat -- even in the shower and in bed.  Radio follows people wherever they go and influences them while they're living busy lives.

   4) Radio is intimate - It's people talking to people.  Isn't that how you persuade others in your life? And Radio can use emotion so much better than other forms of advertising.  Emotion drives our purchasing decisions and Radio's "theater of the mind" can create emotional scenarios that help your message resonate with listeners.




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