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Senator Hill's Survey Results
Thursday, 12 March 2009

March 12--  Here are the results of a survey initiated by Senator Jack Hill of Reidsville regarding various legislative proposals.  Over 400 people responded to the surve, according to the Senator.

1.)    Transportation – Which do you prefer?

·        House Plan – Would impose a Statewide 1% tax on fuel with a predetermined list of projects.         19%    I prefer

·        Senate Plan – Allow a referendum for a Regional 1% sales tax to fund individual / county district transportation projects.     49%    I prefer

·        No Additional Transportation Taxes            32%    I prefer


2.)    Sunday Alcohol Sales – Would permit a local referendum to allow Sunday Alcohol Sales and Taxes. Yes   62%            No      38%      


3.)    Should the legislature cut agency budgets including education in order to fund the Homeowners Tax Relief Grant this year?  Yes        37%          No      63%              


4.)    Should Casinos be allowed in Atlanta? Yes          53%         No           47%        


5.)    Trauma Funding– Which do you prefer?

·        Should tobacco taxes be raised by $1.00 per pack with the proceeds going to Trauma Care?  Yes 38%          OR…

·        Should a $10 Tag Fee be initiated to help raise funds for Trauma Care? 

Yes            18%          OR…

·        Should a “Super Speeder” fine be initiated to help pay for a Trauma System?

Yes            35%          OR…

·        None of the above              9%     


6.)    Should spending limits tied to the inflation rate be imposed on the growth of State Government?  Yes       77%        No          23%


7.)    Property Tax Assessment

·        Should property tax assessment on homes be limited to inflation increases?

Yes            73%          No      27%             (HB 1)

·        Should property assessment increases on business property be tied to the rate of inflation?  Yes            68%     No      32%             (HB 1)

·        Should property tax assessments be frozen for 2 years?                                     Yes         64%       No      36%     (HB 233)


8.)    Should the Homeowners Homestead Exemption from local property taxes be

increased from $2,000 to $4,000?  Yes            75%          No      25%          


      9.)  Should seat belts be required in pick-up trucks?  Yes    80%     No      20%   


    10.) Would you favor putting state sales taxes back on groceries (currently 3% local  

             sales tax) if low and moderate income families were rebated those taxes? 

            Yes        19%        No      81%          


    11.) Are you in favor of Private School Vouchers?   Yes              43%       No         57%   


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