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Nunn Visits Vidalia
Thursday, 14 August 2014

August 14--  Democrat senatorial candidate Michelle Nunn made a quick visit to Vidalia Thursday.

ImageNunn met with a small group of supporters and hosted a roundtable discussion for about an hour at the Dixon Community Building at the Ed Smith Recreation Complex.

Despite the lack of accomplishments the last few years in the Senate, Nunn believes she can make a difference.

"We have problem in the leadership in the culture in Washington and there's a tendency on both sides to finger-point rather than problem solve.  i would like to be part of the solution in Washington.  There are good ideas on both sides of the aisle and I believe we can create a tipping point if we send enough people to Washington who say we have to put our citizenry first rather than party bickering and games," she said.

Neither Nunn nor her Republican opponent David Perdue have ever held public office, however, Nunn feels her background makes her better qualified than Perdue.

"I have spent the last 26 years making a difference in the world.  I've done that by taking an organization that started with a couple of dozen people and a couple of thousand dollars and turning it into a $30 million enterprise that last year mobilized four million volunteers.

"By the way, I worked alongside President Georgia H.W. Bush for seven years so I know and have the experience of working across party lines.

"Compare that with David Perdue's experience which has been focused on taking jobs and shipping them overseas, presiding over a company that went bankrupt costing 7,500 jobs and being part of a company which discriminated against women.

"I'll compare my real world with his real world in terms of the values we bring and the experience we bring in terms of making a difference in Washington," Nunn noted.

Nunn was introduced by Vidalia Mayor Pro Tem John Raymond Turner who said, "One of the reasons I'm supporting Michelle is because she comes from the private sector.  She's not one of those Washington people.  She worked with a non-profit organization and did a great job and I think she'll be good for Georgia."

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