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Dirt Road Paving Procedure Approved
Wednesday, 16 July 2014

ImageJuly 17--  At last month’s Toombs County Commission meeting, Chairman Blake Tillery appointed Commissioners Jeff McCormick and Darriel Nobles to develop a criteria for the county to use to decide which dirt roads in the county will have priority for paving. 

At this month’s meeting on Tuesday, Commissioner McCormick presented a dirt road paving rating form that was approved by the commission.  McCormick thinks this new system will eliminate the current misconceptions about the paving priorities.  “This I think will eliminate what you find in our county in that many of our citizens through the years have been promised that their road is on the list to be paved.”

McCormick added, “There are 10 roads on that list according to what some of the residents have told me since I began running for office and was elected.  To date, none of us have ever found that list. We don’t know where that list is.  By putting no more than 3 roads out there at a time, that way we know what we’re doing and not giving some false hope.”

The new rating form takes into account factors like length, right of way acquisition, safety hazards, number of residences, businesses, and churches, as well as project cost and effectiveness.  “We’ll gather that, score the roads using the rubric there and all the scores are tallied other than the project cost and effectiveness, and then we’ll estimate the total project and the total score will be assigned. Then we’ll base on that, and the financial ability of the county.  And just because a road is put on there does not mean that it’s going to happen,” McCormick stated.

In addition, the commission approved the purchase of an E911 Recording system at a cost of $18,424 to help complete the revamping of the E911  system as well as the purchase of an X-Ray Security System for the courthouse at a cost of $17,275.

The commission also recognized Hazel Williams who will be retiring at the end of the month after 12 years of service to the county.

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