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Changes Coming for Garbage/Trash Pickup
Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July 16--  At the Vidalia City Council meeting on Monday, the council approved a change in procedures in the way the city picks up garbage and yard waste that will take effect in September. 

“You’ve got your garbage pickup which will be just like it was.  You will still roll your container out on the same day and Republic will get that.  The recycling will change to once every other week.  We’re going to distribute to those that want it a 90 gallon container which will give them 5 times the capacity that they have now,” said City Manager Bill Torrance.  He added, “Recycling is aluminum, tin, cans, things of that nature, recyclable plastics and any kind of mixed paper.  We also have the convenience center for recycling so people can continue to use that.”

He went on to explain changes to the yard debris pickup.  “ESG which is our public works operations is going to take over the brown goods and the limbs and leaves.  They can put the normal yard trash out by the road.  That’s the grass clippings, the trimmings from the shrubbery up to a pile of say 4 feet by 5 feet by 10 feet.  That’s a huge pile and we’ll get that every week.” 

Torrance added, “Once they go into more extensive yard maintenance, cutting down trees or shrubbery or clearing a back line, then the person that is cutting it has to remove it.  If they don’t remove it and we have to remove it, it’s going to take a lot longer because we can’t give up the route to get it.  And we charge for that, we charge by the size of the truck.  That can go up to $100 per truck.” 

City Finance Director/City Clerk Bill Bedingfield discussed the changes you will see on your bill.  “In September, we will break out yard debris.  There will be a line item for that.  And your direct sanitation, which is now $10.60, will be $8 and then you will see the $3.60 charge separated out as yard debris.  And then the bill is actually going up that $1 but that’s the only change.”

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