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Local Surgeon Featured in Sports Illustrated
Monday, 23 June 2014

ImageJune 24th---Dr Mark Spivey of Spivey Orthopedics and Optim Orthopedics was featured in a special supplemental section in the June 16th edition of Sports Illustrated featuring him as one of the top Orthopedic Surgeons in the Country.

Dr Spivey was both surprised and honored to be featured in the magazine and describes the honor as a dream come true. “this is a big deal for us, this is every little boys dream and we’re very excited about it. They contacted us somewhat out of nowhere and it’s a really big honor for us.”

Spivey who has been practicing in Vidalia since 2005 specializes in Sports related injuries and has done thousands of arthroscopic surgeries involving knees and shoulders and also ACL repair and say’s that he feel’s blessed to have a high volume practice. Spivey say’s that his specialty is shoulder scopes and is very aggressive in the treatment and “has likely done more shoulder scopes than anyone in the southeast.”

When asked why so many young people were suffering severe sports injuries, Spivey believes that can be attributed to younger athletes playing year round and not giving their body time to rest. And he say’s that his practice is aggressive with training, therapy and prevention

So what’s the answer to the problem we are seeing with the sports injuries we are seeing in young athletes? Spivey say’s “the answer to it is by in large is to get these kids to somewhat cross train and have some moderation.” “I think moderation is key, I think a lot of these kids are playing school ball and then travel ball and one coach doesn’t know what the other is doing.” So we have to watch pitch counts and such and not let the kids back until the appropriate time has passed and not when they want to get back.” “I’m not always the good guy as I sometimes hold kids back a little longer than they think I should because I think it’s better for their health, because I don’t want to have them having a bad knee when they are 50 years old.”

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