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Barrow Reacts to VA Report
Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May 28-- U.S. Congressman John Barrow (GA-12) released the following statement on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) preliminary report from the Office of Inspector General related to delays in care for veterans.

The initial report found that manipulating records to hide delays was “systematic throughout” the VA and that 42 facilities are now under review, as opposed to 26 announced last week.

“This report sheds light on an issue that is far worse than any of us could have imagined,” said Congressman Barrow.  “The VA has failed at its sole mission – to provide the best, mostly timely care for our veterans when they return home.  With more than 22,000 service members returning home this year from Afghanistan, the status quo at the VA simply won’t do. 

:It’s important for this review to continue, but mostly importantly, it’s time to end this pattern of neglect at the VA by rebuilding the Agency starting today, and that includes the leaders – not just one person, but every person responsible who neglected to follow standard VA policy for care.”

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