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Montgomery 911 Needs Addresses Displayed
Monday, 12 May 2014

May 13--  The newly activated Enhanced 911 system in Montgomery County is getting its date base set up and needs the cooperation of county residents.

According to Montgomery County EMA Director Andy Leanza, "With the technology and programming we have, we're able to GPS the coordinates of each residence.  This will enable us to have quicker response for emergency personnel and we're asking each residence to display their address so it will be visible to responding personnel from the roadway."

Leanza says it could be a matter of life and death.

"You don't want an ambulance stopping at three of four places before they get to your house.  I'd hate to be the cause of that personally if my address was not displayed because you never know what they're going to.  It could be a stroke or heart attack victim.

"The Montgomery County ordinance requires residents to display either a green reflective sign with white numbers or reflective mailbox stickers with the street number of the address," he notes.

County EMA employees are driving the county checking addresses and leaving contact information at locations with no address displayed.

"We're leaving a yellow card at each residence where we don't see an address properly displayed. It has my contact information and a reference number and we're asking residents to give us a call back so we can get the address plotted on the GPS," Leanza says.

To contact Leanza with address info, call him at 912-347-9652.

Emergency 911 calls for Montgomery County used to be taken by the Toombs County 911 call center, however, the two systems still share emergency information.

"If you're in another county, the landline will decide where the call goes.  Cellphone calls are based on where they hit on the tower.  If a cellphone call did come in and it was a Toombs County call, we would just relay it over to them just like they would do for us.

"It will hit in our E911 call center where two operators are working and dispatch fire, EMS or police to wherever they need to go," he said.


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