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Barrow Seeks Accountability
Wednesday, 07 May 2014

May 7--  Georgia's 12th District congressman is voting with the Republican majority in the House of Representatives in an effort to obtain information from President Obama's administration.

ImageDemocrat John Barrow says there needs to be a select committee to investigate alleged coverup of the Benghazi fallout and to hold former IRS supervisor Lois Lerner in contempt of congress.

"I'm going to vote as a member of the House should.  I'm going to vote to hold the administration accountable in every way possible.  Oversight should not be a partisan thing.  You should not care who's ox is getting gored.  It should be Congress versus the Executive.  That's how the framers intended it.  They didn't expect parties to come along and exercise such an influence and to be so partisan taht there's a lockstep behavior.  That is wrong and that's not what I intend to do either," he said.

Congressman Barrow also wants to see heads roll at the Veteran's Administration.

"There is legislation pending that would make it easier for the higher ups in the VA to hold the folks in the more responsible levels of the bureaucracy accountable by firing them.  That's something that needs to be done.  It's become so difficult to fire someone that accountability is almost impossible to get in the VA bureaucracy and that needs to change," Congressman Barrow said.

Even some conservative political pundits are saying Congressman Barrow will be hard to unseat in November.  He believes there are two primary reasons for that.

"Whether its constituent services at home or representing what I think is in the best interest of the folks I represent, without regards to party or partisan influence, I think I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and I'm doing it the best I can," he said.

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