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Governor Visits Lyons
Monday, 05 May 2014

May 5--  Georgia Governor Nathan Deal made a political rally visit to Lyons Friday.

State Senator Tommie Williams of Lyons hosted the get-together at Elements Bistro and Grill and State Representative Greg Morris of Vidalia introduced Governor Deal.



The first-term governor is facing opposition in both this month's Republican primary election and the general election in November.  Accompanied by his wife, Sandra, he spoke to the crowd about ten minutes and answered questions ranging from the port of Savannah to state funding of the Mercy Clinic in Toombs County.

He believes his record on jobs will help him get re-elected.

"We were a state when I became Governor that had an unemployment rate of more than ten percent and we're now down to seven percent.  We have created some 243,000 private sector jobs and have a faster growth rate than any other state in the nation.  We have cut taxes on individuals as well as businesses and those are the kinds of things I think people appreciate," he said.

He's also campaigning on restoring funds to public schools to help economic development in areas like southeast Georgia where the unemployment rate is well above the state average.

"We put over a half-billion new dollars into K-12 education this year.  We have to continue to have a good pipeline of future workers and are bumping up the funding of our technical colleges so we can train them there.

"But we have to make sure a sufficient number graduate from high school and that is still a challenge.  We're going to continue to push on that.  Both of my parents were teachers and I understand the value of getting a good education," he said.

The governor also noted that voters will have a clear choice in November between two different approaches to government.

"My motto is that if a person has a good job, they can provide for themself and their family, they can be generous in their community and they have less reason to ask government to do things for them.  

"Sometimes in government we hear the exact opposite from people who have ideas about more programs and more things that government should do for people.  I would rather that people be independent, have a good job and do it for themselves," he said. 

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