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20 Years of Leadership Toombs-Montgomery
Wednesday, 26 March 2014

March 26--  More than 300 people have graduated from the Leadership Toombs-Montgomery program since it started in 1994.

This year's class graduated last Friday and that night joined many of their predecessors in a 20th anniversary celebration of the program.


(L-R) Co-chair Blake Tillery, Laura Brown, Daniel O'Connor, Rizza O'Connor, Mike Hagan, Stacey Kennedy, John Jones, Lee Burton, Katie Williamson, David Gibbs, Mandy Britt, Les Salter, Alysa Marsicano, Hayne Brant, Co-Chair Ciny Williams and Bill Sharpton, Jr.

Two of the program's alumni, Cindy Williams and Toombs County Commission Chairman Blake Tillery, co-chaired this year's class.

Tillery told the assembled grads that they, collectively, have made a difference in the community.

"It's so awesome to be able to go out to other communities and talk about the good things going on in Toombs County.

"The good things going on in our medical community, the good things going on in our industrial community and how we actually have a tax base, how people come to our community to shop and allow us to rollback your property taxes.  

"We're in great shape because of the people in this room and the decisions many of you made twenty-plus years ago to invest in your local community.

"I hope what you'll do now is go home and grab the people you think need to be in this program for the next 15 to 20 years.  Please plug them in so we can continue to make Toombs and Montgomery counties a bright spot here in southeast Georgia," he said.

ImageThe thread of continuity throughout the history of Leadership Toombs-Montgomery is Debbie Evans from the Chamber of Commerce who was recognized with a gift from grads presented by Blake Tillery.

"I always tell people if there was only one thing I could do at the chamber, this would be it.  This program is my heart.  I just love getting to know the many incredible people who go through the program and give their time and talents to the community plus the employers who give their financial support for their people to go through the program.  We have an unusal community.  I haven't always lived here and not every community is like this," she said.

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