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Morris Expects Court Fights on Legislation
Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March 25--  Two laws passed by the Georgia legislature will face court challenges according to State Representative Greg Morris of Vidalia who introduced the legislation.

ImageOne of Morris' bills will require food stamp recipients to take a drug test if they are suspected of substance abuse.  He says the law is designed to reduce the food stamp rolls in Georgia.

"You can't tell me that one in five Georgians need to be on food stamps.  The system is abused and overused.  We're in a battle for future generations," Morris claims.

A bill with broader applications was struck down by a federal appeals court and Morris fully expects the new Georgia law to be challenged.  He plans to work with the state's Attorney General to make sure it's implemented without violating the U.S. Constitution.

"There's no doubt we'll be sued.  The outcome, I don't know and it'll cost the state to defend it.  There are some fights worth fighting and I believe reining in the growth and abuse of food stamps is worth the fight.  Protecting taxpayer dollars is the main thing we're supposed to do," he said. 

Another of Morris' bills which passed allows private funding of a monument on the grounds of the state capitol depicting the Ten Commandments and excerpts from the state and federal constitutions.

He expects a challenge in court on that one, too.

"I hiope this monument will be a reminder to future generations that this country was founded on certain values.  When we move away from them we suffer and our posterity suffers," he observed.

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