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Hatch Sirens Operational
Tuesday, 18 March 2014

March 18--After a couple of years of planning, installation and testing, officials at Plant Hatch issued the following statement regarding a new emergency alert siren system for residents who live within ten miles of the plant.

"On Tuesday, April 1, the new siren system at the Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant will be fully operational.

"Residents are encouraged to keep their tone alert radio for use with weather
alerts and other notices from the local emergency management agency.

"Plant Hatch recently partnered with the local emergency management agency and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency to enhance the emergency notification system for the surrounding area. This
enhancement included the installation of a new siren system within the emergency planning zone. The new system has been thoroughly tested for the past year and will now serve as the primary source for
public emergency notification.

“At Plant Hatch, safety is the number one priority,” said David Vineyard, site vice president. “Of all the things we do, we are first and foremost committed to ensuring the safety and health of our plant employees and neighbors. One way we work to keep you safe is by making sure that you are contacted in the unlikely event of a plant emergency.”

"For information on public safety, access the 2014 Hatch Emergency Information Calendar at http://www.southerncompany.com/about-us/our-business/southernnuclear/pdfs/Emergency_Info_Hatch.pdf.

"For questions about information in the 2014 Hatch Emergency Information Calendar or the enhancements to the emergency notification system, please call Plant Hatch Emergency Planning at 1-855-880-2058 during normal business hours."

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