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Brunswick News Endorses Morris Bill
Wednesday, 12 March 2014

March 12--  The American Civil Liberties Union opposes efforts by Vidalia State Representative Greg Morris to require food stamp recipients pass a drug test.  On the other side of the issue is an editorial by The Brunswick News.

"In this country everyone has rights. The U.S. Constitution guarantees it.

But not everyone has the same amount of rights. Take children, for example. They can't just do anything they get an urge to do, thankfully. They fall under the jurisdiction and control of their parents and often must obtain their permission to do this or that. Society recognizes this and accepts it because children are wards of their parents. They are dependents, and until such time that they're liberated, they must follow the rules of mom and dad, rules that do not always fall in step with the Constitution of the United States.

Now, the Georgia General Assembly legislators want adults who rely on taxpayers for sustenance via food stamps to obey certain rules. This includes refraining from the consumption of illegal drugs, which is supposedly illegal in this state anyway. To make sure they don't use drugs, legislators want men and women on welfare to submit to a test for drugs. If they pass, nothing will happen and they will continue to receive funds on their cards. If they fail, they will be required to go through drug rehabilitation.

Those who oppose forcing food stamp recipients to submit to drug test say it is unconstitutional. That's hard to believe, especially since companies and government agencies have the right to require their employees take drug tests, including one that detects nicotine, a legal substance in this nation. The discovery of a violation can lead to dismissal.

If it is OK for employers, then it should be OK for those who depend on taxpayers for meals. If they are clean, they have nothing to worry about. If they're not, society won't condemn them to starvation. It will instead find help for them. What could possibly be unconstitutional about that?


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