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Republicans Slam Marshall
Monday, 16 February 2009

February 16-- Editor's Note:  The Republican National Committee is criticizing Georgia Democratic Congressman Jim Marshall of Macon for voting in favor of the stimulus package.

Washington- Rep. Jim Marshall (D-GA) today voted to spend over a trillion dollars of Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars for a spending spree that even the experts can’t guarantee will actually stimulate the economy (House Roll Call 70). 

Marshall’s vote for this so-called “stimulus” bill came at the expense of creating real jobs and delivering real relief to middle-class families who are seriously hurting during this crippling economic crisis. 

Jim Marshall voted for the Pelosi’s trillion-dollar pork-laden package that will throw away Americans’ tax dollars on pet projects such as:

  • $2 billion in funds for neighborhood stabilization that could go to organizations like as ACORN that have been accused of voter registration fraud
  • $650 million in funds for prevention and wellness that could be used for sexually transmitted disease (STD) education and prevention programs
  • $500 million for the National Computer Center that could buy new computers for government bureaucrats
  • $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts
  • $30 million in funds that could restore a wetland in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district to protect the salt marsh harvest mouse
  • $25 million for the Smithsonian Institution for maintenance projects

Despite Pelosi’s promise that “members should have at least 24 hours to examine bill and conference report text prior to floor consideration,” (Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) “A New Direction for America,” Page 24), this trillion-dollar spending package was only released to the public last night – just before midnight – and was voted on the very next afternoon. 

Jim Marshall took a vote earlier this week to agree that there must be a 48 hour period to review the bill before it was voted on (House Roll Call 54).  Yet, just a few days later, Democrats brought this boondoggle bill to the floor without hardly any public scrutiny (House Roll Call 66).

“Jim Marshall and Democrats had the opportunity to work in a bipartisan fashion and pass a real stimulus package that would create twice as many jobs at half the cost in less time, but they rammed this pork-laden package through Congress instead,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain.  “Middle-class families were left out in the cold today after Democrats in Congress wrote this spending bill behind closed doors, eliminating any hope for transparency or accountability for how they intend to spend the taxpayers’ hard-earned money.”

Despite Marshall, Pelosi and the Democrats’ campaign mantra to make this the most honest and most open Congress in history, they’ve certainly done a great disservice to Americans who looked to them for leadership. 

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