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Coach Named Teacher of Year
Monday, 16 December 2013

December 17--  The Montgomery County school system named it's teacher of the year at the school board's December meeting Monday night.


(L-R front) Montgomery County Elementary School teacher of the year Amber Durrence, Middle School teacher of the year Janeth Coleman, and high school and system teacher of the year Phillip Richards.  (L-R back row) Elementary School Assistant Principal Melanie McLemore, Middle School Principal Jaunita Boatwright and High School Principal Pamela Richards.

Phillip Richards is a physical education teacher who teaches weighlifting and helps coach football and track.  He came to Montgomery County High School two years ago from Brantley County.

"There are lots of great teachers here.  It's an honor to be selected by your peers for anything.  The faculty at Montgomery County High School is top notch and it really makes you feel good to be selected by people like we have," he said.

Coach Richards says teaching is a natural fit for him.

"I knew when I finished playing and being an athlete, I wanted to be involved.  I like working with other people and the aspect of teamwork so coaching and teaching seemed like a natural fit for what I was interested in.

"I've never done anything else professionally, but I can't imagine being in a job where you have to clock in and clock out.  It's definitely a passion and you've got to have a calling for it," Coach Richards observes.

It just so happens that the coach's wife, Pamela, is the school principal.  She didn't have a vote in the selection, but Coach Richards says they make a good team.

"With me being on the athletic end and her being on the academic end, I think it shows some unity to the kids and I hope it unifies the faculty and shows that I understand what the first goal is here and that's academics.

"I hope that works together.  I think the kids see it and I certainly look on it as an avenue to reach kids through athletics.

"It (the weight room) is a great learning laboratory.  I tell them it's the most honest room in the school.  You can't look on somebody else's paper.  You've got to get in there and work and the kids have really taken to it.

"They like the aspect of setting goals and meeting those goals, working with other people not like you and still being able to be successful, and that's what education is about really," he said.


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