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Meadows Wins Hall of Fame Business Award
Monday, 30 September 2013

September 30--  Over a dozen years ago, Meadows Regional Medical Center started a practice known as "Open Book Management" after hearing about it from local manufacturer Savannah Luggage Works. 

This month the hospital received national recognition for its management style.

The Hall of Fame award is given by a firm called The Great Game of Business to companies which are doing the best job at what they do in the United States, according to Vice-President Steve Baker.

"What we've done is we've taken the universal language of business and exposed everyday folks to it.  They become smarter, they make better decisions and they're going to be better equipped to handle life in every area.

"It's a more collaborative environment.  People work together.  They have to in order to reach their goal.  It's not one guy out for himself.  People have to cross departments and understand how the whole organization operates.  They're connected to the financial health of the organization so they'll have job security," Baker says.

Meadows' employee Rachel Crumpler says the Open Book system gives her a better appreciation of how her job is important to the medical center.

"It makes you understand other people on their job and what they may be facing day-to-day in the work they do.  There's so much more behind the scenes that people don't see, but Open Book management helps you understand what's going in the company and how you play a big part in that.

"I've had the opportunity to attend sessions on everything from improving my customer service skills to learning how to read our company's financial statement and how I play a part in that.  I've never had that experience before," she observes.

Meadows CEO Alan Kent says the approach has helped build a successful team at the Medical Center.

"We just make sure we share a lot of information with all of our employees. We have lots of meetings.  We kind of look around and say there aren't really a whole lot of secrets.  Employees see financial statements and operating statistics.  They're involved in creating those and using that information to solve problems.  It's kind of an all hands on deck approach," Kent says.

Meadows was inducted into the Great Game of Business Hall of Fame during a meeting of more than 450 Open Book companies earlier this month at a national conference in St. Louis.


(L-R) Will Bennett, Controller; Marie Harnage, Director of Laboratory; Christy Allen, Radiology; Jack Stack, Founder of Open Book Management; MRMC CEO Alan Kent; Billie Sue Durden, Director of Patient Access; Terry Hall, Director of Dietary Services and Dick Dwozan, MRMC Vice-President. 

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