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Former Educator Calls for Education "Competition"
Wednesday, 04 February 2009


Education Lobbyist David Morgan is welcomed by Vidalia Kiwanian Randy Sparks.

February 4--  A former teacher and school principal believes competition is the best way to improve education of American children.

David Morgan is now with an education reform lobby called "All Children Matter."  After a speech to the Vidalia Kiwanis Club, he told us public schools need competition to get better.  "Right now we have such a monoply when it comes to traditional public education, there's no impetus to get better.  If you do bad, we give you more money.  If you do bad again, we give you more money.  If you did awful, we give you more money.  But if we had other schools competing for the same kids, then it becomes like any other sector in American life.  People start competing, people start doing better, and if you can't keep up, you go out of business," he says.

Morgan, a former charter school principal,  believes charter schools are a better way to go.  "I love charter schools.  You have the autonomy and flexibility to run the school in a way that's efficient.  When people are not doing their jobs, you can get rid of them.  And when people are doing a great job, you can increase their pay. Under that model, the professionals are a lot better, the kids respond a lot better, and the parents are more engaged.  When you have that, you have a winning combination," he said. 

Morgan also had words of praise for another charter school advocate, Senator Tommie Williams of Lyons, whom his group supports through campaign contributions.  "Senator Williams is one of our champions under the gold dome who knows we need to do something drastically different," Morgan says.

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