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Toombs Commission Rolling Back Tax Rate
Thursday, 22 August 2013

August 22--  Officials in Toombs County say the county's property tax digest has increased in value about 8.5% because of a county-wide property revaluation conducted by the county Tax Assessor's office.

That's an increase of about $56 million, however, that could still change  because appeals are still being heard from taxpayers who disagree with the county's numbers.

Meanwhile, the Toombs County Commission met Tuesday and agreed to roll back the millage rate about one-third of a mil to avoid hitting taxpayers with higher tax bills this Fall.  

Commission Chairman Blake Tillery said the new rate of 9.36 mils is the maximum rate the commission will approve this year.

"That's our maximum.  We cannot go past that.  We can actually go lower and we're going to visit that issue and see if we can do so.  Times are still hard and anything we can do to help our citizens we're going to try to do. 

"At the same time, we've got to pay the bills.  We've got a sheriff's department, we've got a court system, etc and we want to pave some roads.  If it's not fitting into our mission right now of running a lean, efficient county government, we're going to do the best we can to return that money to the taxpayers," Tillery said.

Next up for taxpayers, the question is what will the Toombs County school board do regarding school property taxes in view of the increased value of the digest? 

Last month the school board passed its fiscal year 2014 budget which reflects an estimated increase in local taxe revenue of more than $1.3 million. 

Unless it follows the commission's example and agrees to a rollback, the school board must hold public hearings regarding what amounts to a tax increase on property owners who pay school taxes to Toombs County.

Meanwhile, the Toombs County Commission is considering a proposal from the Sheriff's Office that it upgrade the county's 911 computer system. It tabled a recommendation from Chief Deputy Barry Brown that the county spend more than $600,000 for a new system.


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