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Cath Lab Wi-Fi Saving Lives
Tuesday, 20 August 2013

August 20--  A woman in Tattnall County was feeling dizzy last week and could have been on the verge of a heart attack.  Less than 90 minutes later, she was having an artery blockage removed at Meadows Regional Medical Center in Vidalia thanks to Wi-Fi and the hospital's LifeNet system installed in area ambulances.

According to Travis Roose at the medical center's Cath Lab, "The patient was complaining of dizziness and para-medic Daniel Dasher recognized that and went ahead and did an EKG even though she wasn't complaining of chest pains at the time.  He sent the EKG to us via the LifeNet system from the lower corner of Tattnall County.

"This patient's overall door to ballon time from her home to the cath lab was 74 minutes.  Every minute counts because the artery is closed and you want to open it up as quickly as possible.

"Our location is the furthest out from a hospital that does cardiothoracic surgey.  Our catchment area has really grown and our LifeNet system has been a key to that for these acute patients," he says.

Meadows Regional first installed the LifeNet system three years and ago and Roose estimates it's being used an average of two times per week in emergency situations.

"We get a report from the EMT and they convey that to us.  We notify the cardiologist on call and when the truck is backing up to our doors, we're already here and ready to go.

Patients are typically released from the hospital the day following the heart catherization and are asked to come back a week later for followup and further examination, Roose says.


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