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WorldTrac Finds Lost Luggage..and More
Friday, 16 August 2013


August 16--  If an airline has ever lost your luggage, you know the impact it can have on your trip.

A new Vidalia company thinks it has a better way for the airlines to find you when they find your luggage.

WorldTrac plans to put radio frequency identification reader units in airline lost baggage departments and issue travelers a coded card the size of a credit card which is placed inside the baggage.  The reader will decode the card and send the owner of the luggage an instant email with instructions on retrieving the bag.

The company is headed by President Frank Raiford with Senior Vice President Bob Davis and Vice Presidents Ray Hamilton, Tom Meredith and Louie Thompson.

"It's a huge, huge expense to the airlines.  I think it's something like 3,000 bags lost an hour.

"We've done a tremendous amount of research trying to come up with the best solution.  In that, we've seen where so many others have failed and why they failed.  We've got a very simple approach that's very scaleable across the world and across any airline and it can go all the way through their facilities.  The cost of the infrastructure has been something that's been very prohibitive for the technology to roll out, but we've got it so simple all we do is plug it into an outlet and it's up and running on its own," Thompson explains.

According to Thompson, the company's call center in Vidalia will take care of customer service.

"We've got a call center that takes our calls and handles our emails.  We've got a way worked out to handle all that," he says.

In addition to baggage recovery, Bob Davis says the company has the potential to track any kind of property including laptops and cellphones.  Its potential customers include luggage manufacturers, department stores, electronics stores, computer manufacturers, law enforcement, airlines, gun manufacturers and "everyone in the world that owns assets and travels around with their assets."

The company has received a low interest economic development loan from the City of Vidalia for $180,000.  In its application, it said it currently has 12 employees with four more jobs to be created.

According to its loan application, Raiford handles all police and international airline sales.  Davis is in charge of all sales, marketing and product design.  Thompson and Meredith oversee operations and Hamilton manages manufacturing and research and development.

It plans to start operations in September and is projecting sales of $1.2 million the first year.

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