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Competitive Archery at Vidalia Heritage Academy
Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Pictured From Left to Right:

Bobby George, John Alexander, Toni Banks

August 13—The Vidalia Heritage Academy is growing as a school along with its athletics. The school is offering Competitive Archery to the students. Two instructors from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources came to VHA to train the teachers at the school that are going to be teaching the kids the sport.

“ Safety is number one, we can’t go into the schools and have an unsafe program. We have never had any kind of injury with this program. Nationwide this program is in 11,000 schools and in 47 states with 12 million kids having gone through this program since 2002. We love the major sports but every kid cannot participate in football, basketball and baseball but this is a sport everyone can take part in.” Instructor Matt Stewart said.

“ There is a lot of technique involved, we are really going to focus on teaching the kids safety first and then technique before we put a bow in their hands.” Toni Banks of VHA said.

“ Jeff McCormick had the vision for doing this at the school. I think it is really unique and it is something our students can do. It is going to be part of our physical education program all the way from the elementary to the high school and then from that we hope to build some teams and compete with other schools. This is a confidence builder for our students. We are looking forward to what it can do as part of our athletic program and part of our school.” Vidalia Heritage Athletic Director Bobby George said.
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