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Allen Challenges Barrow on Obamacare
Monday, 12 August 2013

August 12--  A Republican candidate for Congress is challenging incumbent Democrat John Barrow to vote for defunding ObamaCare.

ImageAugusta businessman Rick Allen made his second campaign visit in two months to Toombs County and said Barrow is ignoring the challenge.

"On this voting to defund ObamaCare, I've issued a challenge to John Barrow to sign that petition.  I have not heard from him.  He says he voted against the law and he's voted against repeal of the law three times and I want to see where he stands on the vote to defund it," said Allen on a visit to Vidalia.

Allen says President Obama's edict to exempt businesses from implementing ObamaCare was a purely political move to get past the 2014 congressional elections.

"If the President hadn't delayed the mandate, I believe there would have been an uprising that he wouldn't have been able to overcome.  They got nervous that we would keep the House and they would lose the Senate.  He's just putting off the pain of that to not lose those seats.

"I see a movement in this country that's encouraged me to do what I'm doing.  What we need is another revolution like 1994 and I'm hoping to be part of that revolution in 2014," Allen said.

Both Allen and his Republcan primary opponent, John Stone of Augusta, are conservatives who endorse the Tea Party.

Allen says the difference is that Stone has been a part of the Washington establishment while he (Allen) is a conservative businessman who wants to bring businesss solutions to problems in federal government.

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