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Stone Running for Congress
Friday, 09 August 2013

August 9--  Two Republicans from Augusta are trying to unseat Democrat John Barrow in the 12th Congressional District in next year's election and both visited Toombs County Tuesday.

They are Augusta businessman Rick Allen and John Stone, former assistant to the late Congressman Charley Norwood and more recently to a conservative Texas congressman.

Both Allen and Stone are Tea Party conservatives and Stone believes his experience in Washington gives him a leg up.

"Congressman Carter, whom I've worked with the last four years, was the co-founder of the Tea Party caucus in Washington along with Michelle Bachman.  It's not just the media and not just the Left, it's the Republican establishment that's been attacking the Tea Party, but I'll tell you if it weren't for the Tea Party, we wouldn't have the majority in the House right now that we won in 2010.  The majority of the party in on the Tea Party side and what we have to do is win over the leadership, too," Stone says.

ImageStone claims Congressman Barrow has been unsuccessful in helping reduce the 12th District's unemployment rate which is the highest in Georgia.  He also believes Barrow is out-of-step on other issues.

"We have to repeal ObamaCare and we have to replace Obamacare because it's about to destroy healthcare in the country.

"On the Benghazi issue and others, we have an out-of-control federal government and that's why so many people are paranoid now about their own government.

"There's a bill by Congressman Frank Wolfe calling for an independent counsel investigation of Benghazi but we're not getting support from our present congressman on that.

"There was an amendment brought up last week that would have reined in the NSA from the wiretaps.  We need to support things like that and had I been the Congressman I would have supported it.

"We've got to go back and actually balance our budget.  We continue to get up to the last minute on budget negotiations and then our own leadership collapses.

"We simply have to start standing up to this agenda, standing up for the Constitution and the rule of law which the Obama administration continues to violate," Stone said.

Allen's thoughts on the campaign are coming up in a future story.

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