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Toombs Expanding Landfill
Friday, 02 August 2013

August 2--  The Toombs County landfill will get a lot bigger in the coming years.

The county commission is planning to spend an estimated $5.6 million dollars to add seven new cells and make some other modifications to the landfill starting in April of next year.

According to Commissioner Darriel Nobles, "The land we're going to build these new cells on is the land that the road into the landfill runs on.  We're going to have to reroute that road and some power poles and there's a chance we'll have to move our scale house.  That's why it's going to cost a little bit more."

Commissioner Nobles says the landfill processes about 150 tons of garbage a day and he estimates the expansion will take care of its needs for at least the next 15 years.

The landfill is a money-making operation because of the tipping fees it charges to customers.  Because of that, Commissioner Nobles says, "The money that comes from the landfill will pay this $5.6 million off."

About the time construction of the new cells is completed, Nobles says the next big thing at the landfill is finding a new supply of dirt.

"When you put six inches of dirt over what you collect each day, it takes a lot of dirt.  We've only got about two years worth of dirt left in the dirt pit we're using now.  When that runs out, we're going to have to buy some adjacent land to get the dirt or either we'll have to start trucking dirt in.  When you start trucking dirt in, that's a very big expense," he says.

Toombs County's landfill is one of the few remainiing publicly owned landfills in the state.  Nobles says the county has turned down offers to sell it to private companies because the Commission wants to stay involved due to the long term environmental concerns of the county.

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