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Barrow Discusses Economic Recovery Vote
Thursday, 29 January 2009

January 29--  Twelfth District Congressman John Barrow says the good outweighs the bad in the Obama economic recovery bill which passed in the House of Representatives late Wednesday.

"I don't like everything that's in this package.  I would like to have more of this and less of that, but the main thing is we're taking measures to invest in things that have lasting value.  There's plenty of work to be done rebuilding our infrastructure and taking care of things that been neglected for too long now.  American business is ready, willing and able to do it, it's just that we need to provide the resources to get it done," the Congressman says.

The bill contains provisions to help states like Georgia which is looking for ways to make up more than $2 billion in budget shortfalls.  "There's a bunch of money going to the states to prevent them from having to throw folks off Medicaid because that's just going to drive up the cost at the Emergency Room down the line. There's $1.6 billion coming to Georgia in the next two years and that should make the Governor's proposed hospital tax totally unnecessary," he says.  

"We're also going to provide some support for other programs that are needed by people who have lost their jobs.  We're talking about our neighbors, hardworking folks who've lost their jobs through no fault of their own, who are looking for work that no longer exists because of the overall economic climate," Barrow reports.

The bill Congressman Barrow voted for passed the house with not one Republican voting for it.  "The proposals that are being offered by the other side are exactly the kind of medicine that got us into this mess.  Tax cuts for businesses which are losing money doesn't give them any business or work to do, and it doesn't invest in our infrastructure nor put Americans back to work," according to Barrow.

The Senate is now considering the measure after which a conference committee from the two bodies will attempt to work out differences before final passage.

Listen to Congressman Barrow's Interview HERE.

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