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Barrows Votes for Obama Bill
Wednesday, 28 January 2009

January 28--  (Editor's Note:  The following news release is from the office of 12th District Congressman John Barrow.  The Bill discussed now goes to the U.S. Senate.)

Washington, D.C. – Congressman John Barrow (GA-12) today joined a majority in the House of Representatives in support of critical legislation to create and save three to four million American jobs. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was approved by a vote of 244-188. Developed with the Obama Administration, this job creation package will rebuild America, making us more globally competitive and energy independent, and transforming our economy for long-term growth. It will give 95 percent of American workers an immediate tax cut, and make immediate investments in the economy.

“Too many folks in the 12th District need jobs, and this bill will create jobs,” said Barrow. “We need to get this economy back on track. We may not agree with everything that’s in this legislation, but not doing anything at all is unacceptable. This bill will get us started on the road to economic recovery right away, and that’s what’s necessary right now.”

“America’s facing an economic crisis greater than any since the Great Depression. We’ve lost 2.6 million American jobs in the last year. The unemployment rate here in Georgia has climbed to 8.1 percent. That’s close to 400,000 Georgians who are out of a job, and that’s unacceptable,” added Barrow.

This jobs and economic recovery plan contains targeted efforts in:

 ·        Transforming Our Energy Economy with research and development of clean, efficient, American energy that will create more than 1 million jobs;

·        Lowering Health Care Costs by funding aggressive adoption of health information technology, which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and by broadening coverage to help those who can't afford health care in these tough times;

·        Modernizing Roads, Bridges, Transit and Waterways to create 1.5 million American jobs;

·        Federal Funding for State Medicaid Costs – $1.6 billion for Georgia alone over the next two years;

·        Education for the 21st Century, including an increased Pell Grant for 243,785 students in Georgia, and a higher education tax credit for an additional 120,000 students in our state so that they can stay in college despite these tough times;

·        Middle class tax cuts of up to $1,000 to make work pay for 3,383,000 families in Georgia, and more than $20 billion for American businesses, large and small, to spur job creation; and

·        Saving the Jobs of Teachers and Police Officers.

The Recovery Plan has new and unprecedented accountability measures built in — providing strong oversight, an historic degree of public transparency, and no earmarks.

“We know that the economy isn’t going to turn around over night, but we also know we’ve got to do something now, not later,” said Barrow. “According to leading independent economist Mark Zandi of Moody’s Economy.com, this plan will create an estimated 143,110 Georgia jobs by the end of next year, and reduce the unemployment rate by almost 2%. The Obama Administration has pledged that 75 percent of these job creating investments will get into the economy in the next 18 months – and that’s what we need to do to get this economy back on track.”

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