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T-Shirt of the Day
Saturday, 04 May 2013


Reader Comments:

"This t-shirt pretty much says it all.  Let's bring these back along with common sense and

this country would be all the better for it.

Zack, where can I get this t-shirt??? I want to order a bunch of them! Tom Hill Alston, GA"

"Love the t-shirt!  Where can I get one?

"The Bible should be taught at home as well as in school and the use of guns for sport and protection should be taught at home.  Gloria Register-Hutcheson"

I have always said "God, Guns and Guts made this country.  Let's keep all three" - Tim McCoy 

"Where can I get one?" - L.C. and Betty Williams

"LOVE IT! Maybe we should take algebra out of schools (which we don't need ) and put these in ... It might turn America around. This is what's needed in America...."  Chris Brantley 

"This is something we need very bad. Thanks" - T. W. Smith

"Guns and religion are two things that SHOULD be taught at home along with tolerance." - Johnny Brantley

Any feedback on this?  Send it to zfowler@vidaliacommunications.com with your name for posting. 

Here's a link a reader forwarded regarding the T-Shirt:






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