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Hill Announces Retirement at Toombs Co
Monday, 15 April 2013

April 15—ImageToombs Co Athletic Director Kevin Hill has announced his retirement. After 31 years at the school Coach Hill will retire at the end of this school year.

“ I think it is just time. I have been here 31 years and I love Toombs Co and hopefully it is a little better off now than when I got here, but I’ve had a great run at being here and I just think it is time to seek other things to do.” Hill said.

“ The thing that has given me the most satisfaction was starting a wrestling program. I started in 1984 and it took seven years to get that done. We started the wrestling program in 1991. I was a wrestler in high school and I have always loved wrestling and I saw what it did for me as an athlete. It allowed me to go on and play college football and I think wrestling was a big part of that as much as anything else. I felt like it was something our athletes at Toombs Co could excel and do well in. I have had a lot of help from the community that embraced the program and a lot of good kids.” Hill said.

“ I plan on being in the stadium of Friday nights and going to as many athletic events as I can. I have a lot more positive memories than negative at Toombs Co. It has been a wonderful experience for my family and me. I appreciate all the administrators and people in Toombs Co that have allowed me to be at one place for so long.” Hill said.    
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