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Prom Night Special This Year at MCHS
Friday, 12 April 2013

April 12--  It's almost been a rite of Spring the last few years at Montgomery County High School that negative news stories surface in state and national media when prom time rolls around.

Not so this year.  For the first time ever, private proms divided mostly along racial lines are being replaced by a school sponsored prom for the student body.

Junior Hillary Davis says it's not a big deal to students and really came about because of economics.

"We don't really see it as a big deal.  We see it as a cheaper way and we're just all coming together to have fun.  I guess it's a big step for Montgomery because it's our first integrated prom, but it's not that big a deal to me," she says.

The students have been holding fundraisers during this school year to pay for the prom with the full support of the county school board and high school principal Dr. Henry Walding.

"I enthusiastically endorsed this when some students came to me and wanted to raised money on campus for the prom.  It's take a lot of money to put on a prom and all the money has been raised by these students," he says.

The prom committee and others at the school have been working hard to make Saturday night lots of fun for everyone.

"We have seven to eight people on the prom committee and they all have some great ideas and we put them all together," Hillary says.

Asked about her greatest hope for the prom, Hillary states, "That everybody has fun and a whole lot of media won't mess it up."

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